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The Alexandria Glens are a Canadian Junior Ice Hockey team based in Alexandria, Ontario Canada. They are members of the Martin Division of the Eastern Ontario Junior Hockey League (EOJHL). They play at the Glengarry Sports Palace, . In their history, the Glens have won the D. Arnold Carson Memorial Trophy twice as district Junior “B” champions. They are 12 times St-Lawrence Division Champions and 8 times Rideau/St-Lawrence Conference Champions. The Glens are one of the most successful Team in the league since the year 2000, they went to the League Finals 6 time since 2004 and 8 times in total.

The Glens were formed in 1967. From 1967 until 1969, the Glens were the Maxville Highlanders, and after they relocated in Alexandria to Become the Alexandria Glens.

In 2007, the Glens won the D. Arnold Carson Memorial Trophy as Eastern Ontario Junior “B” champions, defeating the Gatineau Mustangs 4-games-to-3 in the league final. This marks the first time a team outside of the Metro Division of EOJBHL has won the Carson Trophy as league champions in over half a decade. The Glens won the championship for the first that year, their Forty year of existence.

In 2008, the Glens won the D. Arnold Carson Memorial Trophy for the second time and won it back to back, defeating the Ottawa West Golden Knights 4-games-to-2 in the league final. The Glens were the first team in Rideau/St-Lawrence Conference to win a back to back championship.

The Glens have an intense rivalry with the Char-Lan Rebels. The rivalry has been touted as “The Battle of Glengarry” within the local community. Games between the teams are often heated events.

On April 21, 2015, The Hawkesbury Hawks (CCHL) & Alexandria Glens (EOJHL) have become affiliates.